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About Public Service Announcements:
As a service to our listeners and the community, our radio stations broadcast public service announcements (PSA) for non-profit organizations. A PSA is a non-commercial advertisement, broadcast for the public good.

To submit your PSA for consideration, email your digital audio file, or script, to psa@coxradio.com. Please be sure to review the following guidelines before submitting your Public Service Announcement.
DownloadDownload our PSA guidelines as a PDF.


Guidelines for Public Service Announcements
CRITERIA: PSA requests must be submitted by an organization that qualifies as tax-exempt under IRS Tax Code 501(c) 3. Information should provide a service or benefit tro the community, listeners and/or members. The following PSA content will not be aired:

• Rallies or demonstrations
• Ticket, product or donation pricing
• Book signings or public appearances
• Benefits for individuals
• Workshops or classes
• Anything related to candidates for public or political office
• Anything related to political organizations
• Religous content
SUBMISSION DEADLINES: 7-days prior to the requested start date if providing pre-recorded audio.
14-days prior to the requested start date if not providing pre-recorded audio.

RUN DATES: Provide desired broadcast start and end dates (maximum 30 days).

LENGTH: PSAs must be 15, 30 or 60 seconds in length.

FORMATS: The preferred digital audio fomat for email is mp3, however, we also accept scripts and CDs. Please mail scripts and CDs to:
PSA Coordinator
Cox Media Group
8000 Belfort Parkway Suite 100
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
SCHEDULE: Schedules will rotate within specified run dates and will air randomly (based on availability).
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